Save money on weekly delivery service


It's not just laundry to us. It is about giving you the best possible experience. 

An attendant is always on duty to assist you. 

Wash, dry, fold can be dropped off at any time between 8AM and 9PM. 
We offer Pick-up and delivery on all orders. 

Televisions and free WiFi are available for your entertainment.

laundry van.png
Coin laundry service

Your laundry time should be enjoyable. There are several high speed machines that can get your clothes washed and dried in less than an hour.
More equipment is being installed.

Wash, Dry, fold Laundry Service 


Don't have time to do your laundry? 

Allow us to do it for you. 

Simply drop it off between 8AM and 9PM and we will take care of it for you. 
Starts at $1.00 per pound
12 pound minimum for drop off
35 pound minimum for pick-up and delivery

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